CDVC info Owner: Canopus Allegedly used with digital video cameras. The Canopus download page has a free software-only version of this codec which will install on machines which are not equipped with their capture hardware. Apparently if you edit the AVI and change the FOURCC to dvsd, it will play with these codecs too. CDVC downloads Canopus DV


Bink Video (BINK) info Homepage: Bink Video Owner: RAD Game Tools Pretty popular codec in Windows games. I’m not sure if this is available as a standard Windows codec but the web site makes it sound interesting enough to list here even if it does require non-standard tools to use. Full list of FOURCCs used by this … Read more


WaveCodec (ADV1) info Apparently used in various CCTV products. WaveCodec downloads No downloads currently available.


Autodesk Animator codec (RLE) (AASC) info Owner: Autodesk This codec is part of Autodesk’s discontinued Animator Studio for Windows. Autodesk Animator codec (RLE) downloads No downloads currently available.


Planar RGB Codec (8BPS) info Homepage: Planar RGB Codec RLE codec storing RGB image in planar format under Quicktime. Planar RGB Codec downloads No downloads currently available.

Samples, Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any FOURCC or video handling samples that you would like to add, please drop me a line and I’ll include them here. DirectDraw Overlay Surface Handling – basic sample RGB to YUV pixel format conversion formulae What is it with the sign of biHeight ? My friend’s AVI plays fine on his/her machine but … Read more


Aware Motion Wavelets (MWV1) info Owner: Aware Inc. Wavelet compression-based codec optimised for Intel MMX platforms. Codec filename is icmw_32.dll. Aware Motion Wavelets downloads No downloads currently available.


MPG4 info Owner: Microsoft MPEG-4 Video High Speed Compressor. This codec was shipped with some versions of the Microsoft Netshow encoder (probably 3.0). This codec was based on early drafts of the MPEG-4 spec. MPG4 downloads FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder LAV Filters 0.57 LAV Filters 0.57 x64


H260 THROUGH H269 info Owner: IntelConferencing codecs H.263 format video is for POTS-based videoconferencing. Used, for example, in some Osprey products. Supposedly, the Vanguard Software H.264 codec, available in beta form here, is pretty good. H260 THROUGH H269 downloads H.264 (unknown) FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder LAV Filters 0.57 LAV Filters 0.57 x64


Raw YUV 4:2:2 (HDYC) info Homepage: Raw YUV 4:2:2 This is apparently identical to UYVY except that the samples use BT709 color space (as used in HD video) rather than BT470 (used for SD). Raw YUV 4:2:2 downloads No downloads currently available.

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