DivX info Homepage: DivX Owner: OpenDivXThis FOURCC code is used for versions 4.0 and later of the DivX codec. DivX, “the MP3 of video,”  is the popular and market-leading MPEG-4 video codec that is emerging as the standard for full screen, full motion, DVD-quality video over IP-based networks. Apparently version 5 also encodes using FOURCC DX50. The Microsoft … Read more


Cinepak (CVID) info Homepage: Cinepak Owner: Providenza & Boekelheide Originally owned by Supermac then Radius, now P & B. Complete technical details can be found here. Cinepak downloads Cinepak Codec for Windows XP and earlier (32bit) Cinepak Codec for Windows Vista/7 (32 bit) Cinepak Codec for Windows Vista/7 (64 bit)


AVC1 info Owner: Apple Apple’s version of the MPEG4 part 10/H.264 standard apparently. AVC1 downloads No downloads currently available.


Y444 info Format provided by the Windows 2000 drivers for the iRez Stealth Fire camera. Seems to be a copy of IYU2. Y444 downloads No downloads currently available.


MPEG-4 (MP42) info Homepage: MPEG-4 Owner:¬†Microsoft Apparently one of several different and incompatible MPEG-4 codecs. Rumour has it that this codec is downloadable from the Microsoft site somewhere. This codec is distributed as part of Microsoft Windows Media Tools 4. Includes quality improvements over the earlier MPG4. Download as part of “Windows Media Codecs 8.0 for … Read more


Motion JPEG (MJPG) info Homepage: Motion JPEGMotion JPEG video. Codecs implementing MJPEG are (or have been) available from http://www.jpg.com/imagetech_video.htm http://www.pmatrix.com Pegasus Imaging Morgan Multimedia (long trial period) The format is also used by Matrox in their Rainbow Runner add-on video capture / MPEG playback board for various of their display adapters and by Canon who’s cameras generate AVIs using … Read more


FM Screen Capture Codec (FMVC) info Homepage: FM Screen Capture Codec Owner: Fox Magic Software? A codec intended for use in screen capture applications. FM Screen Capture Codec downloads No downloads currently available.


MP4S info The first ISO standard codec for use with the Sharp digital camera implementing a restricted feature set of MPEG4. MP4S downloads No downloads currently available.

Useful Video, DirectX and Multimedia Links

Codec Download Sites Free-Codecs.com – video and audio codecs and conversion tools for download. AFreeCodec.com – codec downloads, tools, discussion and other useful information MovieCodec.com – codec downloads and other useful video-related information. Compression Codecs – codecs, filters, test AVIs and other helpful video stuff. WMPlugins.com – various plugins (including codecs) for Windows Media Player. Search for codecs by FOURCC. … Read more


FFMpeg (FMP4) info Homepage: FFMpeg The default MPEG4 format used by tool mencoder. DirectShow filters supporting the codec are available here. FFMpeg downloads No downloads currently available.