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These are the FOURCCs I know about that refer to compressed formats (the ones that you see displayed when you don't have the right codec installed to play a given AVI file). If you know of any more, please drop me a line.

If you can't find the codec you are looking for here, please take a look on the links page for other sites offering codec information and download. A good place to start is MovieCodec.com which offers codec downloads, tools, discussion and other useful information. You may also like to look at my help page where this is a list of the codecs I have heard of but have absolutely no information on.

If you are confused by any terms, you may find help on the "video-related acronyms" page.

FOURCC Name Summary
1978A.M.Paredes predictorThis is a LossLess video codec. >>>
2VUY2VUY / BlackMagic >>>
3IV03ivx3IV0 no longer used for this codec, however some files might be around. >>>
3IV13ivxMPEG4-based codec. Used by 3ivx Delta 1.0-3.5. FOURCC "3IV0" was al... >>>
3IV23ivxMPEG4-based codec. To be used for "3ivx Delta 4.0." >>>
3IVDFFmpeg DivX (MS MPEG-4 v3)Seems to be a MPEG-4 variation from Microsoft. >>>
3IVX3ivxYet another FourCC for the 3ivc Mpeg4 codec. >>>
8BPSPlanar RGB CodecRLE codec storing RGB image in planar format under Quicktime. >>>
AAS4Autodesk Animator codec (RLE)This codec is part of Autodesk's discontinued Animator Studio for Windows. >>>
AASCAutodesk Animator codec (RLE)This codec is part of Autodesk's discontinued Animator Studio for Windows. >>>
ABYRKensington codecApparently a low resolution, low frame rate (6fps) codec similar to >>>
ACTLStreambox ACT-L2Streaming codec for streaming video over the internet. Since replaced by Stre... >>>
ADV1WaveCodecApparently used in various CCTV products. >>>
ADVJADVJAlso known as AVRn >>>
AEIKIntel Indeo Video 3.2 >>>
AEMIArray VideoONE MPEG1-I CaptureArray's codec used for I frame only MPEG1 AVI files. >>>
AFLCAutodesk Animator FLC (256 color)AVI equivalent of the FLC native file format. >>>
AFLIAFLI - Autodesk Animator FLI (256 color)AVI equivalent of Autodesk's native FLI file format (presumably). >>>
AHDVCineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet) >>>
AJPGAJPG22fps JPEG-based codec used for movie capture by some digital cameras. >>>
AMPGAMPGCodec for Array VideoONE hardware-based MPEG compression system. >>>
AP41AngelPotion DefinitiveAnother hacked version of Microsoft's MP43 codec. One source recommends again... >>>
AP42AngelPotion DefinitiveAnother hacked version of Microsoft's MP43 codec. >>>
ASLCAlparysoft Lossless CodecCodec offering approximately 5x compression in mathematically lossless mode o... >>>
ASV1Asus VideoCodec supplied with the Asus TNT Video Capture adapter. Supposedly a very sim... >>>
ASV2Asus Video (2)New codec from Asus. Supposedly a very simple DCT codec. >>>
ASVXAsus Video 2.0Unusual codec which stores audio in the .avi file but puts the video in a com... >>>
ATM4ATM4Ahead Nero Mpeg-4 variant codec. >>>
AUR2Aura 2 Codec - YUV 422 >>>
AURAAura 1 Codec - YUV 411More background and details is available in the following thread: >>>
AVC1AVC1Apple's version of the MPEG4 part 10/H.264 standard apparently. >>>
AVRNAVRNAlso known as ADVJ in Quicktime files. >>>
BA81BA81This format stores raw 8bit Bayer samples. The Bayer color filter array is de... >>>
BINKBink VideoPretty popular codec in Windows games. I'm not sure if this is available as a... >>>
BLZ0BLZ0MPEG-4 codec used in WarCraft 3 movies. >>>
BT20Prosumer VideoCodec optimised for realtime compression of YUV images. Download the ZIP and ... >>>
BTCVBTCVThis, now obsolete, format supported a special data format used by the Brookt... >>>
BW10Broadway MPEG Capture/CompressionCodec for Broadway hardware-based MPEG compression system. >>>
BYR1BYR1This format stores raw 8bit Bayer samples. The Bayer color filter array is de... >>>
BYR2BYR2This format stores packed 16bit Bayer samples with 12bit precision. The Bayer... >>>
CC12CC12 >>>
CDVCCDVCAllegedly used with digital video cameras. The >>>
CFCCCFCCNative format used when capturing AVIs using a DPS Perception adapter. >>>
CGDICGDIAVI format used by >>>
CJPGWebCam JPEGUsed by Creative Video Blaster Webcam Go control. See ... >>>
CMYKCMYKUncompressed 32bpp CMYK as used in printing processes. >>>
CPLACPLAThis sounds like an uncompressed format to me. Anyone know? >>>
CRAMCRAMAllegedly identical to MSVC. >>>
CSCDCamStudio CodecOpen source (GPL license) codec optimised for screen capture applications. So... >>>
CVIDCinepakOriginally owned by Supermac then Radius, now >>>
CWLTCWLTApparently WLT is "with lookup table". Presumably, therefore, this ... >>>
CXY1Conexant YUV 4:1:1Uncompressed, planar 4:1:1 YUV format. >>>
CXY2Conexant YUV 4:2:2Uncompressed, planar 4:2:2 YUV format. >>>
CYUVCreative YUVProprietary YUV compression algorithm >>>
CYUYCYUYProprietary YUV compression algorithm >>>
D261D261Presumably now owned by Intel. >>>
D263D263Presumably now owned by Intel. >>>
DAVCDAVCH.264/MPEG-4 AVC base profile codec. >>>
DCL1DCL1Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>
DCL2DCL2Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>
DCL3DCL3Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>
DCL4DCL4Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>
DCL5DCL5Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>
DIV3DivX MPEG-4Low motion codec (optimised for low motion source material?). Several sources te... >>>
DIV4DivX MPEG-4Fast motion codec.Several sources tell me that this is an old and illegal cod... >>>
DIV5DIV5Apparently almost as old as DIV3 and DIV4. Changing DIV5 AVI's FOURCC to DIV3... >>>
DIVXDivXThis FOURCC code is used for versions 4.0 and later of the DivX codec. DivX, &qu... >>>
DM4VDM4VMPEG4 codec compatible with DivX4 and 5. >>>
DMB1Rainbow Runner hardware compressionHardware codec used by Matrox Rainbow Runner video capture product. Apparently a... >>>
DMB2DMB2MJPEG codec used by Paradigm. >>>
DMK2DMK2Movies generated by a ViewSonic V36 PDA appear to be AVI files using this vid... >>>
DSVDDSVDThe DSVD codec is a VFW-based compressor that firewire- and DV-based capture car... >>>
DUCKTrueMotion SRather nice RGB codec which, strangely enough, appears to have two distinct F... >>>
DV25DVCPROSMPTE 314M 25Mb/s compressed video. A professional variant of DVC (dvsd). Unl... >>>
DV50DVCPRO50SMPTE 314M 50Mb/s compressed video. Has twice the data rate (50Mbits/sec) of ... >>>
DVCSDVCSA generic DV codec along the same lines as DVSD. Microso... >>>
DVE2DVE2 >>>
DVH1SMPTE 370MSMPTE 370M - data structure for DV based audio, data and compressed video at ... >>>
DVHD50Mbps Consumer DVSD-DVCR 1125-60 or SD-DVCR 1250-50. See also dvsl and >>>
DVSD25Mbps Consumer DVSD-DVCR 525-60 or SD-DVCR 625-50. See also dvsl and >>>
DVSL12.5Mbps Consumer DVSD-DVCR 525-60 or SD-DVCR 625-50. See also dvsd and >>>
DVX1DVX1 >>>
DVX2DVX2 >>>
DVX3DVX3 >>>
DX50DivX MPEG-4Apparently this is used interchangeably with the DIVX FOURCC when using versi... >>>
DXGMDXGMThe movies in the game "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" are ... >>>
DXTCDXTCAnother of the DXTn set, I suppose. >>>
DXTNDXTN5 different versions (DXT1 - DXT5) of compressed texture formats exist. Full ... >>>
EKQ0Elsa Quick Codec >>>
ELK0ELK0Codec used by some Elsa graphics cards. May be a YUV format with reduced colo... >>>
EM2VEtymonix MPEG-2 VideoHIgh quality, MPEG-2 I picture codec with user selectable YUV 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or... >>>
ES07Eyestream 7 Codec >>>
ESCPESCPCodec used by Eidos Technologies ESCAPE VideoStudio. >>>
ETV1eTreppid Video Codec >>>
ETV2eTreppid Video Codec >>>
FFV1FFMPEG CodecA lossless video codec based on arithmetic coding developed in the open sourc... >>>
FLJPFLJPField encoded motion JPEG with LSI bitstream format. Morgan Multimedia offers... >>>
FMP4FFMpegThe default MPEG4 format used by tool mencoder. DirectShow filters suppo... >>>
FMVCFM Screen Capture CodecA codec intended for use in screen capture applications. >>>
FPS1Fraps CodecCodec used by Fraps screen video capture application. >>>
FRWAForward Motion JPEG with alpha channelA version of motion JPEG as used in the Forward project from SoftLab-Nsk. Thi... >>>
FRWDForward Motion JPEGA version of motion JPEG as used in the Forward project from SoftLab-Nsk. Sim... >>>
FVF1FVF1  >>>
GEOXGEOMPEG4MPEG shipped as part of GeoVision's CCTV surveillance systems. >>>
GJPGGJPGShipped as part of the driver package with some dgital cameras from Fuji. >>>
GLZWMotion LZWGIF-like codec written by gabest@freemail... >>>
GPEGMotion JPEGMotion JPEG codec written as a learning exercise by >>>
GWLTGWLT8bpp greyscale image. WLT apparently means "with lookup table" so i... >>>
H260 THROUGH H269H260 THROUGH H269Conferencing codecs H.263 format video is for POTS-based videoconferencing. U... >>>
HDYCRaw YUV 4:2:2This is apparently identical to UYVY except that t... >>>
HEVCH.265/HEVCBrand new codec next geration codec. >>>
HFYUHuffman Lossless CodecHuffman codec for YUV and RGB formats. Available in source and DLL forms. Ful... >>>
HMCRHMCRProprietary motion compensation surface format used by Rendition V2x00 Direct... >>>
HMRRHMRRNewer, proprietary motion compensation surface format used by Rendition drive... >>>
I263ITU H.263PictureWorks NetCard Player - another H.263 implementation from Intel. There'... >>>
IJPGIJPGIntergraph's version of a JPEG codec (don't you hate it when I just state the... >>>
IPDVGiga AVI DV CodecCodec used with I-O Data Device's IEEE1394 Digital Video Control & Captur... >>>
IR21Indeo 2.1Old Indeo codec >>>
IRAWIRAWNo indication of the pixel format - sorry. >>>
ISMEISMEMay be installed by >>>
IV30 THROUGH IV39Indeo 3The family of Indeo Video 3 codecs originally developed by Intel but now hand... >>>
IV32Indeo 3.2Fairly widespread Indeo 3 codec >>>
IV40 THROUGH IV49Indeo InteractiveIndeo 4.1 improves image quality and introduces transparency masks. Ligos als... >>>
IV50Indeo InteractiveVersion 5.0 of the Indeo codec series designed for internet video delivery. L... >>>
JPEGJPEG Still ImageThis is presumably exactly the same as "JPEG". >>>
JPGLJPEG Light?Proprietary format used by many WebCams which are built around the DIVIO NW 801/... >>>
KMVCKMVCShipped as part of the game "Worms" by Team17 Software. Info is all... >>>
L261L261 >>>
L263LEAD H.263LEAD tell me that "The LEAD H.263 codec is a high quality lossy interfra... >>>
LBYRLBYRBased on the naming, I would hazard a guess that this describes some Bayer im... >>>
LCMWLEAD MCMW Video CodecThis is a wavelet-based codec. LEAD tell me "The MCMW Codec is designed ... >>>
LCW2LEAD MJPEG2000Codec saving standard JPEG2000 streams. LEAD has more info about it >>>
LEADLEAD Video CodecLEAD tell me that this codec is now obsolete yet it seems that their " >>>
LGRYLGRYSupports 12 and 16bpp grayscale images with additional low and high range inf... >>>
LJ11LEAD JPEG 4:1:1Presumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:1:1 format. This is supported ... >>>
LJ22LEAD JPEG 4:2:2Presumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:2:2 format. This is supported ... >>>
LJ2KLEAD MJPEG 2000LEAD tell me "the LEAD MJPEG2000 Video codec saves standard JPEG200... >>>
LJ44LEAD JPEG 4:4:4Presumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:4:4 format. This is supported ... >>>
LJPGLEAD MJPEG CodecSupports color JPEG 4:1:1, 4:2:2, 4:4:4, grayscale JPEG 4:0:0) FOURCCs suppor... >>>
LMP2LEAD MPEG-2 Video CodecLEAD's implementation of the MPEG-2 video compression standard. The codec lin... >>>
LMP4LEAD MPEG-4 Video CodecAn H.264 codec suporting Main and Base Profles and levels up to 3.2. LEAD off... >>>
LSVCLSVCOld version of the codec now identified as LSVX. >>>
LSVMLSVMAnother old version of the codec now identified as LSVX.... >>>
LSVXLightning Strike Video CodecMulti-bitrate decoder used in the eViewStreamX product. >>>
LZO1Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer CodecA fast, lossless codec available in source code format. >>>
M261M261Redmond's codec implementing the H.261 compression standard. >>>
M263M263Redmond's codec implementing the H.263 compression standard. >>>
M4S2M4S2Final fully-compliant ISO MPEG4 decoder, compliant to MPEG-4 version 2 simple... >>>
MC12MC12Proprietary format used by ATI in MPEG decoding. >>>
MCAMMCAMProprietary format used by ATI in MPEG decoding. >>>
MJ2CMotion JPEG 2000Motion JPEG 2000 >>>
MJPGMotion JPEGMotion JPEG video. Codecs implementing MJPEG are (or have been) available from >>>
MMESMMESMatrox MPEG-2 video elementary stream.MPEG-2 main profile or 4:2:2 profile cl... >>>
MP2AEval downloadMPEG-2 Audio >>>
MP2TEval downloadMPEG-2 Transport Stream >>>
MP2VEval downloadMPEG-2 Video >>>
MP42MPEG-4Apparently one of several different and incompatible MPEG-4 codecs. Rumour has i... >>>
MP43MP43Yet another MPEG-4 variation from Microsoft. This FOURCC is not, however, lis... >>>
MP4AEval downloadMPEG-4 Audio >>>
MP4SMP4SThe first ISO standard codec for use with the Sharp digital camera implementi... >>>
MP4TEval downloadMPEG-4 Transport Stream >>>
MP4VEval downloadMPEG-4 Video. >>>
MPEGMPEGMPEG video - presumably MPEG I ? >>>
MPG4MPG4MPEG-4 Video High Speed Compressor. This codec was shipped with some versions... >>>
MPGIMPGIEditable MPEG codec >>>
MR16MR16 >>>
MRCAMRCAAnd I thought it stood for "Multi Role Combat Aircraft". >>>
MRLEMRLERun length encoded RGB format from Microsoft. Basically the same as the BI_RLE f... >>>
MSVCMSVCOriginal codec shipped with Video For Windows. Deals with 8bpp and 16bpp imag... >>>
MSZHAVImszhKenji Oshima also developed a multi-threaded M3JPEG codec based on one by Mor... >>>
MTX1 THROUGH MTX9MTX1 THROUGH MTX9Apparently these are MJPG variations registered by Matrox consumer products g... >>>
MVI1Motion Pixels MVI1 CodecPart of the Motion Pixels player. Install the player and the codec will becom... >>>
MVI2Motion Pixels MVI2 CodecAs for MVI1, this is part of the Motion Pixels player. >>>
MWV1Aware Motion WaveletsWavelet compression-based codec optimised for Intel MMX platforms. Codec file... >>>
NDSCNDSCNero registered this with me recently but provided no information other than ... >>>
NDSMNDSMA contributor suggests that this codec is owned by Nero Digital and refe... >>>
NDSPNDSPApparently an MPEG4 implementation of some description. >>>
NDSSNDSSA contributor suggests that this codec is owned by Nero Digital and refe... >>>
NDXCNDXCPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>
NDXHNDXHPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>
NDXPNDXPPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>
NDXSNDXSPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>
NHVUNHVUApparently a texture format introduced for GEForce 3. >>>
NTN1NTN1 >>>
NTN2NTN2An evolution of NTN1. >>>
NVHSNVHSApparently a texture format introduced for GEForce 3. >>>
NVS0- NVS5NVS0- NVS5Supported by GEForce 2 GTS Pro / 64Mb DDR. Possibly a texture format. >>>
NVT0- NVT5NVT0- NVT5Supported by GEForce 2 GTS Pro / 64Mb DDR. Possibly a texture format. >>>
PDVCDVC codecDV codec for I-O DATA Digital Video Capture products. >>>
PIM1PIM1MPEG-1 based codec >>>
PIM2PIM2Pinnacle DC1000 firewire video editing card supports this format. >>>
PIMJPegasus Lossless JPEGHigh speed compression and decompression of 24-bit RGB and 8-bit grayscale us... >>>
PIXLVideo XLThis is apparently an alias for VIXL. You can find more ... >>>
PJPGPJPGNon-standard codec based on MJPEG. >>>
PVEZPVEZTrueMotion based codec (?) It appears that Horizons Technology has now been a... >>>
PVMMPVMMSoftware MPEG4 codec that supports multiple bitrate encoding/decoding. It is ... >>>
PVW2Pegasus Wavelet 2000 CompressionHigh speed compression and decompression of 24-bit RGB and 8-bit grayscale us... >>>
QPEGQPEGQ-Team Dr.Knabe's 8-bit output codec with automatic palette switching for sea... >>>
RGBTRGBTThat's odd. I registered RGBT at the same time as a bunch of other FOURCCs an... >>>
RLERLEI expect this is an equivalent to one of the the BI_RLEx FOURCCs (see the >>>
RLE4RLE4Equivalent to BI_RLE4. See RGB page for more details. >>>
RLE8RLE8Equivalent to BI_RLE8. See RGB page for more details. >>>
RMP4RMP4 >>>
RPZAApple VideoRGB555 block-based codec used in Quicktime files. >>>
RT21RT21What Indeo was called before the marketing guys got their hands on it. RTV or... >>>
RV20RV20RealVideo G2 (6.0 and greater versions of the player and encoder) >>>
RV30RV30 >>>
RV40RV40Apparently you need to install RealPlayer 10 to enable playback of any A... >>>
S422VideoCap C210YUV422 codec shipped as part of the driver package for Tekram's C210 product.... >>>
SAN3SAN3A direct copy of DivX 3.11a, apparently. If you use a FOURCC changer tool on ... >>>
SEDGSEDGMPEG-4 hardware and software codec used in Samsung digital video products. >>>
SFMCSurface Fitting MethodCrystalGram video email codec. >>>
SMP4SMP4Codec used by Samsung VP-ms15 Digicam. This appears to be a DIVX clone since ... >>>
SMSVSMSVWindows 95 codec installed automatically (and without warning) whenever you r... >>>
SP40SP40Appears to be an uncompressed YUV format of some kind but I have no info... >>>
SP44SP44Presumably a precursor to SP54? >>>
SP54SP54Apparently a form of MJPEG but with some header or other missing. Software shipp... >>>
SQZ2SQZ2 >>>
STVASTVAData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver fo... >>>
STVBSTVBData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver&nb... >>>
STVCSTVCData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver ... >>>
STVXSTVXData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver ... >>>
STVYSTVYData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver fo... >>>
SV10Video R1Allegedly popular as a Quicktime codec. Used for trailer videos on Star Wars ... >>>
SVQ1Sorenson Video 1Hierarchicial adaptive multistage vector quantizer with mean removal and inte... >>>
SVQ3SVQ3Video codec used in Quicktime files. A variant of H.264 >>>
TM20TM20Version 2.0 of Duck Corp's Truemotion codec. I'm told this codec is available... >>>
TM2XTM2XDuck Corp's follow-on codec after TM20. >>>
TMOTTMOTAnother FOURCC for TrueMotion S. This relates to the version of the codec lic... >>>
TR20TrueMotion RT 2.0Realtime version of TrueMotion. >>>
TSCCTechSmith Screen Capture CodecCodec used by the Camtasia Screen "camcorder" application. >>>
TV10TV10 >>>
TVJPTVJPUsed by the Targa 2000 board. >>>
TVMJTVMJUsed by the Targa 2000 board. Morgan Multimedia offers a >>>
TY0NTY0N >>>
TY2CTY2C >>>
TY2NTY2N >>>
UCODClearVideoFractal compression-based video codec available as a Video for Windows codec ... >>>
ULTIUltimotionShipped with OS/2 but also available for Video for Windows. Link is to a very... >>>
V210V210Uncompressed format supported by AJA Video Systems Xena adapter. >>>
V261V261 >>>
V655V655Component ordering and packing unknown. Can you help? >>>
VCR1VCR1Codec used by some ATI TV-PC products. >>>
VCR2VCR2Codec used by some ATI TV-PC products. >>>
VCR3-9VCR3-9Registered for ATI Video Codecs version 3-9. I'm not sure these actually exis... >>>
VDCTVDCT16bpp format - no information on colour space, packing or component ordering.... >>>
VDOMVDOMAnother streaming video format from VDONet. >>>
VDOWVDOWH.263 internet streaming video format. Allegedly to be used (being used ?) by... >>>
VDTZVideoTizer YUV CodecCodec used to store YUV AVIs captured with Darim Vision's VideoTizer product.... >>>
VGPXVideoGramPixAlaris VGPixel 32-bit AVI compression driver. It seems that this codec is ins... >>>
VIDSVIDSYUV 4:2:2 CCIR 601 for V422 (no, I don't understand this either) >>>
VIFPVFAPI CodecTake a look at http://www.doom... >>>
VIVOVIVOVivo's version of the videoconferencing "standard" H.263 compressio... >>>
VIXLVIXLUsed my MiroVideo products such as the DC10, DC20, DC30, etc. A motion JPEG f... >>>
VLV1VLV1Codec probably used in VideoLogic's Captivator product line >>>
VP30VP30On2 tell me "On2's VP3 codec will encode video into a VP3 file in multip... >>>
VP31VP31The successor to VP30. This algorithm was open sourced by On2 in 2001-2002 an... >>>
VP40VP40Another in On2/Duck's line of video codecs. >>>
VP50VP50..and another >>>
VP60VP60..and another >>>
VP61VP61..I can feel a pattern developing. >>>
VP62VP62..I wonder which one will be next? >>>
VP70VP70 >>>
VP80VP80 >>>
VQC1VQC1Digital video camera codec. ViewQuest offer lots of driver downloads on thei... >>>
VQC2VQC2Codec apparently used in Kodak DVC325 digital camera. Check the ViewQuest sit... >>>
VSSVVSS VideoReal-time or near-real-time encoding with high compression ratios and good im... >>>
VX1KVX1K >>>
VX2KVX2K >>>
VYU9ATI YUVPlanar YUV format supported by some ATI capture systems? >>>
VYUYATI YUVPacked YUV format supported by some ATI capture systems? >>>
WHAMWHAMYet another FOURCC describing Microsoft's MSVC/CRAM codec. >>>
WINXWinnov Software CompressionSoftware codec used by some Winnov Videum products. >>>
WJPGWinbond JPEGFormat supported by AverMedia USB TV-tuner/capture device. >>>
WMV1WMV1 >>>
WMV2WMV2 >>>
WMV3Windows Media Video 9 >>>
WMVAWMVAThe codec originally submitted for consideration as SMPTE VC1. This is not VC... >>>
WNV1Winnov Hardware CompressionHardware codec used by Winnov Videum products. >>>
WVC1WVC1Microsoft's implementation of the SMPTE VC1 codec. >>>
X263X263Another H.263 codec. This one is apparently used by an IBM-branded webcam. >>>
X264H.264This FOURCC was originally registered by a company called XiWave but the... >>>
XLV0XLV0 >>>
XMPGXMPGEditable (I frame only) MPEG codec >>>
XVIDXVID MPEG-4Codec is available in source form from XVID web site. Can also be downloaded as ... >>>
XWV0-XWV9XWV0-XWV9XWV3 is currently used to describe Xi-3 Video. Others are unused. >>>
XXANXXANCodec useing Huffman and RLE encoding paired with basic interframing. This forma... >>>
Y1616bpp Grayscale VideoA simple, uncompressed format for recording 16bpp grayscale images. >>>
Y411Y411Supposedly 16bpp packed but 4:1:1 is usually 12bpp - odd. This is an uncompre... >>>
Y41PBrooktree YUV 4:1:1This is an uncompressed YUV 411 format I registered about 7 years ago. I've s... >>>
Y444Y444Format provided by the Windows 2000 drivers for the iRez Stealth Fire ca... >>>
Y8Y8Probably a duplicate of the uncompressed Y800 for... >>>
YC12YC12 >>>
YUV8YUV8 >>>
YUV9YUV9 Raw FormatAn uncompressed YUV format used by Intel Indeo video products. >>>
YUVPYUVPAn uncompressed YCrCb 4:2:2 format using 10-bit precision components ordered ... >>>
YUY2YUY2Yes, I know this isn't a compressed format but I get so many questions about ... >>>
YUYVYUYVCompressed YUV format. >>>
YV12YUV 4:2:0 PlanarUncompressed format commonly used in MPEG video processing. You can find more... >>>
YV16YV16Uncompressed format similar to YV12 but with twice the chroma resolution. >>>
YV92YV92Codec used by Intel's Smart Video Recorder product. Apparently a compresssed... >>>
ZLIBZLIBA generic lossless codec. Apparently also contains the MSZH >>>
ZMBVThe DoxBox ProjectA codec using ZLIB compression which is used to capture screen information. >>>
ZYGOZyGoVideoVideo codec usually packaged in Quicktime files. Investigations suggest that ... >>>


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