10 Best Non Alcoholic Dark Beer Of 2022 – Review And Buying Guide

Finding the best non alcoholic dark beer that will meet all your needs can be a bit of a challenge, even for the most seasoned expert. While many companies still create good non alcoholic dark beers, the market has turned its attention toward advanced models that carry higher price points.

In our quest to find the most suitable models, we focused on features like comfort, adjustability, and durability. We recommend you take a close look at each product we listed here and see the features you need for your personal use.

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Top 10 non alcoholic dark beer : Editor’s Pick

10 Best non alcoholic dark beer Reviews:

1. Suntory ALL-FREE, Beer-Alternative, Non Alcohol, 6-pack, Ultra-Light, Ultra-Crisp, Ultra-Refreshing, 0.00% Alc. and 0 Calories (11.8 Fl Oz) from Japan

Features :

  • Suntory ALL-FREE is a non-alcoholic beer-alternative from Japan with an ultra-light, ultra-crisp, and ultra-refreshing taste
  • It is made from carefully selected ingredients. Only two-row barley malt: Two-row barley contributes to the crisp beer flavor of ALL-FREE. Only Aroma Hops: Select aroma hops give ALL-FREE its bitterness and sophisticated bouquet. Only Tennensui Water: Quality natural mineral water (“Tennensui”) from renowned water resources in Japan
  • Since its launch in 2010, ALL-FREE popularity in Japan has soared. We Suntory have also been making over 400 trials to improve its taste through our craftsmanship
  • The ALL-FREE production method removes the fermentation process entirely to deliver a beer-alternative with 0 calories and 0.00% alcohol. It contains no sugar nor any artificial sweetener/flavors
  • Suntory is the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages manufacture, established in 1899, the maker of Yamazaki and Hibiki whiskies

Additional Info :

Color Caramel
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.0422383647725
Release Date 2020-07-04T00:00:01Z

2. Non-Alcoholic Beer Variety Pack, Beck’s, Bitburger, Buckler, Clausthaler Premium and Amber, Coors, St. Pauli Girl, Einbecker, Erdinger, Kaliber, O’Doul’s Premium and Amber (Case Of 12)

Features :

  • Includes 12 Non-Alcoholic beers: Beck’s, Bitburger Zero, Buckler, Clausthaler Premium, Clausthaler Dry Hopped Amber, Coors, St. Pauli Girl, Einbecker, Erdinger, Kaliber, O’douls Premium, O’douls Amber
  • Ships in a Special Box To Avoid Breakage
  • Whether you’re pregnant, can’t drink, won’t drink, need to operate heavy machinery, or simply don’t want a hangover tomorrow morning this premium non-alcoholic beer variety pack will help you choose the “poison” of your desire
  • Stay on the wagon and enjoy yourself without a buzz
  • This Variety Pack was created by Beverage Universe

Additional Info :

3. BrewDog 24 Mixed Non-Alcoholic Pack | Includes Nanny, Elvis, Hazy, & Punk | 12oz Cans

Features :

  • NON-ALCOHOLIC: featuring our robust Punk IPA, Elvis, Hazy IPA, and our Nanny state Golden Ale Sall the spiky, hoppy taste you look for in a traditional IPA
  • GREAT TASTE: Uniquely crafted to explode with tropical flavor and grassy aromas
  • THE PROCESS: BrewDog undergoes a micro fermentation process that feeds the yeast precisely to the point of alcohol creation, but no further
  • LOW CALORIES: Our brews leave behind the excess calories while you’re at it
  • BEVERAGE SIZE: 24-pack of our assorted brews that come in 12oz Cans

Additional Info :

Color Mixed 24 Pack: Nanny, Punk, Hazy, Wake Up Call

4. Busch NA Non Alcoholic Beer 12 oz Can — 12 Pack

Features :

  • Busch NA is fully brewed with a blend of premium American hops, fine barley malt, cereal grains, and pure water.
  • Smooth, full-bodied, malty flavor.

Additional Info :

5. [Pack of 12 ] Pabst Blue Ribbon N/A NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER, Made in USA, – 12 Fl Oz

Features :

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon N/A NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER
  • Made in USA, Wisconsin
  • An authentic, tastier, non-alcoholic drink for those occasions with friends when you want to connect without consuming alcohol.

Additional Info :

6. Heineken:Zero Non Alcohol Premium Lager Beer Taste Beverage 33cl (11oz) Pack of 6

Features :

  • Heineken 0.0%, Zero Non-Alcohol Premium Lager Beer Taste Beverage,
  • Glass Bottles – 11 Fl Oz
  • Pack of 6

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 8
Width 8
Length 12
Weight 16

7. 【PACK OF 6】 Heineken 0.0% Non Alcohol Beer – Great Taste, Zero Alcohol – 11.2 Fl Oz

Features :

  • Brewing a great tasting 0.0% alcohol lager beer, is it even possible? Our master brewers started from zero and spent years exploring, brewing, and tasting before they finally created a recipe defined by its refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body – perfectly balanced.
  • One that deserves the Heineken mark.
  • Of course with the uncompromising Heineken characteristics since 1873: made with natural ingredients and Heineken’s unique A-Yeast. It wasn’t easy, but not impossible.
  • Zero (0.0) Alcohol, 11.2 Fl Oz | Pack of 6 (Six)

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 8
Width 8
Length 14
Weight 14.5

8. BrewDog 12-Pack of Punk | Non-Alcoholic, Robust IPA | 20 Calories, 2.3g Carbs Per Serving | 12oz Cans

Features :

  • NON-ALCOHOLIC ROBUST IPA: A delicious hopped up Punky IPA
  • GREAT TASTE: Specially fermented to liberate spiky & tropical flavors
  • PUNK PROCESS: Punk undergoes a micro fermentation process that feeds the yeast precisely to the point of alcohol creation, but no further
  • ONLY 20 CALORIES: Punk is a brew that leaves behind the excess calories while you’re at it
  • BEVERAGE SIZE: 12-pack of our Robust IPA that come in 12oz Cans

Additional Info :

Color Punk

9. [12 Variety Pack] Bravus + Surreal + Athletic Brewing, Non-Alcoholic Beer Beverage Gift Combo

Features :

  • !!! NOTE !!! Due To Some Item Is Seasonal! Will Replace Other If Discontinued
  • Bravus Brewing – White Ale, Cerveza, Amber Ale, IPA, Oatmeal Stout
  • Athletic Brewing – All Out, Run Wild, Upside Dawn, Cerveza Altetica
  • Surreal Brewing – Milkshake IPA, Juicy Mavs, 17 Mile Porter
  • Total 12 Variety Pack Non-Alcoholic Beer Combo

Additional Info :

10. WELLBEING BREWING CO. 12 Pack Cans – Hellraiser Dark Amber Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer – 80 Calories – Zero Grams of Sugar – Vegan – non-GMO – High in Anti-Oxidants / Anti-Inflammatories – 12 Fl. oz.

Features :

  • Fully-brewed Non-Alcoholic CRAFT Beer using German technology to Gently Remove the Alcohol
  • #1 Rated Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer on Untappd
  • 80 Calories | Vegan | Zero Grams of Sugar | Hydrating | 100% non-GMO | More Protein than Most Beers
  • Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (actually only 0.32%)
  • Brewed at our State-of-the-Art facility in St. Louis, MO | USA

Additional Info :

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select non alcoholic dark beer


How much should you expect to spend on a product like this? Is it a one-off cost, or is there some kind of recurring element?

When it comes to non alcoholic dark beer, a great value can come in many different forms. It could be a lower price, impeccable construction, and design, or higher durability. We’ll cover all of these different factors below, where we’re sharing our top picks for the best non alcoholic dark beer for the money. We’ll go over everything consumers should know to get a great value out of their non alcoholic dark beer!


The phrase “people get what they pay for” is especially true when it comes to non alcoholic dark beer. The range in durability from person to person can be pretty substantial depending on the materials used in the construction. If someone saves $100 on a non alcoholic dark beer, but it wears out in 1 month, are they really getting a good value?

Compare that to a non alcoholic dark beer that costs $50 more but wears out after 1 or 2 years. Most people would argue that the second option is the better deal over the long term. Before purchasing, you should consider how long you want to have the non alcoholic dark beer and then read reviews to make sure you know how long you can expect it to last.

Consider Where You Purchase 


A vast majority of people now buy their non alcoholic dark beer online rather than going to a brick-and-mortar physical location. That’s largely because online shopping offers greater convenience, and many brick-and-mortar stores can be confusing when it comes to their models, pricing, and types.

While people can’t try out an online non alcoholic dark beer the way they can in a store, brands often come with generous trials. These allow people to try out the non alcoholic dark beer for a while and return it if they’re unhappy.

In addition, many online non alcoholic dark beer are more affordable than their in-store counterparts, because they have less overhead and have cut out the middlemen to pass savings directly to the consumer. If you purchase online, make sure to check to see if they will have to pay extra for shipping or not. A lot of the new companies offer free shipping, but not all.

Types of non alcoholic dark beer

Before even thinking about all the different non alcoholic dark beer available,  You should choose the product types that will be ideal for your task.


Choosing a product based on a design that people will love can be tough. Just because you might like the look and style of it, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Below are some steps you can follow that I’ve used in the past when making decisions on which product designs to choose. Today, a lot of e-commerce sites have the same products. Naturally, it means people use product photos and videos to find the best item. Some of the tips in this article will help you choose or design a successful product.

  • Dimensions. How big are these products?
  • Materials. What are they made from? Is there an advantage to choosing one material over another?
  • Generic characteristics. What sort of features do products in this category include?
  • Product-specific functionality. Do certain products have key characteristics that others don’t? 
  • “Vs.” comparisons. Wireless or wired? Portable or desktop? Metal or wood? These are the key A/B-style decisions typically made early in the buying process.

The Verdict

Finally, we hope that our reviews about these non alcoholic dark beers will help you to choose your ideal product available on the maker. The question remains, how many of these non alcoholic dark beer will you use and how often? Some manufacturers come out with newer non alcoholic dark beer every few months. This is because they know that people want the better non alcoholic dark beer. It’s all a matter of choice and your budget. The good news is that the features of good non alcoholic dark beer tend to trickle down in price. If you start off with a cheaper version, chances are you can afford the more advanced versions of it a few months later.